A project with ancient roots and an extraordinarly innovative evolution. For many years at Piandaccoli they engaged to bring back to life the indigenous grapes of Tuscany Renaissence, in order to produce only superior wines. Their mission consist in doing it with the highest quality both in the vineyard and at the winery. At Piandaccoli, people work to achieve excellence hanks to the people who share the enthusiasm and the passion of the founder, Giampaolo Bruni, who, with drive and creativity, started this project in the family Estate. Excellence means respect the terroir, wich implies to be environmental friendly minimizing the use of harmful substances, promoting the presence of antagonistic insects and using as fertilizer only the manure of the stables.biodiversity of viticolture and so as to preserve the past. The varieties planted are: Barsaglina, native Tuscan grape of which we know from the late nineteenth century; Colorino, which takes its name from the abundant color in the peel; Foglia Tonda, the prince of the authoctous Tuscan grapes; Mammolo, autochtonous variety with tuscan origins shown since the seventeenth century; Pugnitello, of which the bunch recalls the shape of a small fist. Sangiovese, the most famous Tuscan grape variety, of which they planted 11 different clones integrates the rest of grapes population. Thanks to the terroir, these autochtonous grapes become in the Estate balanced and extremely elegant wines.