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Sea Bass “acqua pazza” style

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Sea Bass “acqua pazza” style

branzino acqua pazza

It seems that “acqua pazza” (crazy water) cooking style was invented by the fishermen in the island of Ponza and then spread in Capri and in the Napoli area where today is a typical recipe.

It’ a simple and tasty recipe where “pazzo” (crazy) is the spicy of the chili that enriches the delicate flavour of the fish that must absolutely be fresh.

First of all the sea bass must be thoroughly cleaned, removing also the dorsal and ventral fins.

Then scale the fish and put in its belly a little salt, a clove of garlic and some parsley leaves.

Then put it in a pan and pour water and a glass of wine to cover about half of the fish.

Add Pachino tomatoes cut in two, garlic, oil, salt and chili to taste.

You can also add a few sliced potatoes that will give greater consistency to the sauce.

From boiling water simmer covered about 15 minutes (depending on the size of the bass), and discovered the last 5 minutes.

Freshly cooked put the bass in a tray and cover it with the sauce that has formed.

Do not forget the bread that will irresistibly be dipped in sauce …

Buon appetito!

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