Chieti – Abruzzo


The activity of the F.lli De Luca starts in 1970 from the passion and love for grapes and vines of Uncle Remo and Papà Nunziato. The 2 hectares of vineyards, implanted and cultivated with great care soon become 22 and are now managed by the competence, professionality and renewed passion of the two brothers Luciano and Remo. The most fertile and fruitful inheritance received from Remo and Nunziato is the great passion for vine growing and the love of their territory which are reflected in the modern and efficient management of the family company which aims at high profile results with ethical procedures. The hills in the area of Mozzagrogna represents the perfect habitat for the vine cultivation. Already two centuries ago the Count Genoino from Castel di Septe guessed the virtues of this small but enchanting strip of Hither Abruzzi. He therefore had his residence built and also initiated a tradition which today is interpreted by the talented De Luca brothers. Luciano and Remo have selected autochtonous and international vines, implanting with modern methods high density rows with low yield, and operating with respect for the environment and landscape. This is the high level procedure carried forward for the production of top quality wines of the Castel di Septe line which enclose rich aromas and unrepeatable scents.


Hectares 27 – Annual bottles 120.000




Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DiRè: 5 stars