Organic Chianti – Podere di Marcialla Estate

Chianti is one of the most known Italian wines,

produced in an area placed between Florence and Siena.


Podere di Marcialla Estate since 1988 devoted to the cultivation of an Organic Chianti.

Silvio Anichini, Giovanni and Maria Pia Passaponti lead the company, with dedication and passion concentrating on the organic farming to respect the environment and traditions, searching continuous improvement.

The Estate philosophy of “sustainability”,  is breathed in every detail, as well as the continuous efforts to reach the maximum expression of the territory through its own products.


Chianti Marcialla made with Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino grapes

Colour: intense ruby red.

Bouquet: intense aroma of raspberries and blackbarries.

Taste: dense and ripe tannins. Complex finish of berry jam.

Alcohol content: 13,5%

Chianti Marcialla is perfect to pair with any main course.



chianti podere di marcialla


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