Antonio Bennati was born in 1870 in Cazzano di Tramigna, just a few kilometres from Soave. “Toni Recioto”, as he was called in honour of the raisin wine of that name, started ad an early age to produce and sell wine in the famous bottles in straw baskets. He was followed by his son Annibale, who in 1920 established the winery Cantine Bennati. We have been a big winery telling the story of the wines of Valtramigna for more than 140 years.

Our today is constantly evolving: a new winery, a new crushing plant and a new logistics centre for an efficient prompt response to all request.
New vineyards, projects to reassess traditional Valpolicella techniques in partnership with the University of Udine; for us this means continuing and conveying the culture of wine.